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Wellbeing Coaching & 1-1 Programs

Our 1-1 coaching is designed to accessible to anyone, regardless of background or diagnosis, with specialist options ofr young people. All of our wellbeing coaches are trained in Neurolinguistic Programming as well as autism, neurodiversity, attachment and trauma informed approaches. 

Our coaches are not going to do the work for you or tell you how to feel or behave, but will instead hold the space for you and offer strategies to experience a different perspective and relationship with anxiety that you may find useful in your day to day life. 

Coaching Options

The 12 Step Anxiety Program 1-1 Online Sessions

During a block of 12 1-1 online coaching sessions, you can work with a licensed practitioner to cover the content of our original 12 Step Anxiety Program. This will include discussions and explorations around each of the exercises, and additional support on areas where more focus is needed. 

12 Step Anxiety Program for Young People 

We have previously delivered our 12 Step Anxiety Program online on a 1-1 basis to young people, funded through Education Health Care Plans. The program can be fully adapted for neurodiversity and our coaches are Autism, Attachment and Trauma aware. Additionally, we can offer 1-1 coaching for young people privately funded and adapted to meet requirements.

Individualised Coaching Options

Those not wanting to work through our 12 Step Anxiety Program can access 1-1 coaching based on individual needs, either as a single or recurring session. This can include 

coaching for overcoming phobias, understanding and facilitating a more useful perception of anxiety, moving on from past negative experiences, building resilience  and overcoming barriers for progression in to employment, education or other goals.

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