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About Us

12 Step Anxiety Program

The 12 Step Anxiety program is comprised of various topics in psychosocial education to allow anxiety to work for you rather than against you. Through our 6 weeks of content, you'll learn about the brain and the neuroscience behind the experience of anxiety, whilst developing skills for confidence and resilience needed to be successful both personally and professionally. 


Our course can be taken online, either self-paced independently, or alongside 1-1 coaching from our licensed 12 Step Practitioners. We also offer face-to-face programs in the community from our base in Highbridge, Somerset, or at other venues around the county at the request of our funders. 

Our Experience

Our Team

At the 12 Step Anxiety Program, we have a team of experienced practitioners who are actively delivering the program both face to face and online. All of our practitioners are Neurolinguistic Programming Master Practitioners with years of experience coaching people of all ages and from all backgrounds. 

Our creator, Allison Ward brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in working with schools, organisations, families and individuals where neurological, traumatic and adverse childhood experiences are impacting everyday living, learning and communication. Using a trauma informed approach and relying on proven methods, theories and strategies, Allison works using a person-centred approach to explore processes to facilitate change, inform bespoke support and to build secure attachments. 

We are always open to welcoming new practitioners to our team, particularly professionals working in social care, counselling, mental health, teaching, coaching or related disciplines, have trained as an NLP Practitioner, or consider yourself an expert by lived experience. If this interests you then please get in touch. 

All of our 12 Step Anxiety Program Practitioners are required to:


  • Completed a 12 Step Anxiety Program Practitioner Course (GLH 16)

  • Attend regular Supervision and Continued Professional Development

  • Hold the appropriate Insurance Policies

  • Have Safeguarding, Equality & Diversity Policies

  • Must hold a 12 Step Anxiety Program License

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