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Become a 12 Step Anxiety Program Practitioner

If you are already working in mental health or wellbeing related fields and want to reach more people with a CBT principled wellbeing program, why not become a 12 Step Anxiety Program Practitioner?


Our practitioner course is ideal for Social Workers, those qualified in IAPT, CBT and NLP, Life Coaches, Counsellors, Teachers, and experts by experience who are looking for a structured program to assist in the exploration of an individual’s anxiety.

Are you working with people who have got into the bad worry habit, where worry is impacting on everyday living, socialisation and relationships?

Would you like to have the resources to explore strategies to help break the magic of anxiety?

Based on the recovery model, a 12 Step Program filled with cognitive behaviour principled therapies, neurolinguistic programming and strategies for mental health and anxiety.

Our Practitioner Course 

The Practitioner Course is 16 guided learning hours, over which you will learn how to deliver the 12 Step Anxiety Program, either online or in your community. 

Over the duration of the course you will:

  • Build your Practitioners Handbook

  • Write your own scheme of work to enable you to bring your unique skill set to the program delivery

  • Create your own PowerPoint which adheres to the program and sets the pace of delivery

  • Receive handbooks for your attendees

  • Receive 12 Step registers and enrolment forms

  • Learn how to use Individual Learning Plans, as well as other tools to capture the course impact, both quantitatively and qualitatively

  • Learn how to create a course

  • Understand the theories and models behind each step


Once you have completed the course, to receive your license to practise you will need to provide evidence of:

  • Your own scheme of work, including activities you would introduce alongside the prescribed content 

  • Your own PowerPoint for delivery

  • Insurance details

  • DBS

  • Up to date Safeguarding, Equality and Diversity, and GDPR training

  • A safeguarding and Equality and Diversity Policy

You will also be asked to deliver a 15 minute presentation on one of the steps within the program.

Licenses are subject to annual renewal and include 2 hours CPD and opportunities to access specialist workshops or 1-1 coaching.

Find Out More

To express you interest in a practitioner course, or to find out more, please get in touch!


We will be in touch!

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