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The Original 12 Step Anxiety Recovery Group Program

Why join a group program?


Gain a new perspective


Experience a greater sense of belonging


Become comfortable in social situations


Develop Communication & Listening Skills

Help others whilst helping yourself


Joining one of our group programs can increase the impact of each stage of the course. You can connect with likeminded individuals with their own challenges, and become part of a team and support network that will accompany you long after the course is completed. 

No one is asked to share their story at any point in the course - the focus is always on learning new strategies to cope with situations where previous strategies may not have worked. Similarly, you will never be asked to volunteer your reflections with the group unless you would like to, though we usually find by the end of the course, attendees become increasingly comfortable to share within the open group environment.

Group work has played an important part in the evolution of therapeutic interventions. Attendees on our group programs experience the full 12 therapeutic factors proposed by Irvin D. Yalom within his comprehensive text on group therapy, The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy:

  1. Universality factor: learn that others share similar experiences

  2. Existential awareness: combat feelings of isolation

  3. Instillation of hope: others' successes can be helpful/provide optimism

  4. Cohesiveness: a community of trust and belonging

  5. Catharsis: strong emotions are released and respected within the group

  6. Corrective recapitulation of experience: re-enact interpersonal dynamics in a safe manner

  7. Self-understanding: improve awareness of motivations underlying behaviours

  8. Interpersonal learning: self-awareness through group dynamics

  9. Development of socialising techniques: communication, discussion and debate within the group

  10. Imitative behaviour: learning how others share and experience their feelings and modelling behaviours

  11. Altruism: helping others creates a positive experience

  12. Imparting information: education, advice and guidance

Having individual personal goals allows the attendees to engage at their own pace and level, which also allows for adaptations to reflect learning, cultural and social differences. Group settings encourage people to start to take a more active role in learning, a desire to be purposeful and contribute to community. Group sizes are limited to 8 attendees maximum to ensure everyone is able to access 1-1 support with our practitioners when needed. 

Programs in the Community 

Where possible, we source funding from local organisations to deliver our Group 12 Step Anxiety Program in the community for free. We have previously delivered for North Somerset County Council, schools, colleges and housing organisations, as well as for young people in care and care leavers.

If you would like to discuss using the 12 Step Anxiety Program within your organisation, please contact us with your requirements. 

Online Group Programs

For those not based in Somerset or surrounding areas, we also offer group programs via Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Online sessions are always delivered by one of our licensed practitioners, with workbooks that can be downloaded or posted and have a maximum group size of 8 to ensure everyone gets the most out of the session. 


These are arranged to fill demand, so if you are interested in attending please don't hesitate to get in touch! 

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