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Our Online Courses 

Our team have recently adapted our original 12 Step Anxiety Recovery Program into a fully independent online course. 

Complete the content from anywhere, at a time that fits with your schedule - with the option to access additional 1-1 coaching if required. 

The 12 Step Anxiety Program Online Course

30 + Video Sessions

The course includes video sessions that have been recorded by the creator of the 12 Step Anxiety Program, Allison Ward, and mirror our group program in their content. As such, the online course is a great option for those who are unsure about joining a group program and would like to try out the content and strategies independently. You can always join a group program with one of our practitioners after completing this course!

6 Workbook Downloads

Alongside the video sessions, the course includes six separate workbooks for you to download to your computer and complete. The workbooks have a huge range of exercises intended to embed the learnings from each step, as well as reflection activities at the end of each section. 

Lifetime Access

The design of this course has allowed the creation of a program which is entirely self-paced with lifetime access to the content - you can work through the steps as quickly or slowly as you would like, and revisit any session multiple times to implement new discoveries. Perfect for giving you more flexibility to ensure they are in the right mindset to gain the most out of the program. 

Option for 1-1 Coaching

Still want some guidance through the program but from the comfort of your own home? You can also access 1-1 coaching alongside the online course, either for a 12 week block where one of our licensed practitioners can guide you through the full program, or a one-off session if a specific area of the content brings something up for you. 

Coming Soon - 12 Steps to Resilience 

Designed as a progression course from the original 12 Step Anxiety Recovery Program, our new 12 Steps to Resilience course includes additional strategies and tools to overcome setbacks whilst nourishing lasting confidence. 

To be added to a waiting list to trial this program at a dramatically reduced rate - please get in touch!

If you’d like more information about our online courses, get in touch today.

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