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What we Offer


Our signature 12 Step Anxiety Recovery Group Programs will encourage you to learn about yourself and your responses, whilst discovering new ways to enhance your daily routines and interactions. As you work through the 12 unique content areas with your group, will acquire new strategies to handle setbacks, build resilience and assert yourself in situations where you previously may have experienced anxiety. 


This program has been designed in response to taking part in the Community Learning Mental Health Research Project in 2018, which emphasised the positive transformational impact that learning, discussion, and exploration of the symptoms associated with mental health can have on wellbeing.


Our original program has now been adapted for an online version, including pre-recorded video sessions for each step, downloadable workbooks and reflection activities. This has allowed the creation of a program which is entirely self-paced - you can work through the content as quickly or slowly as you would like, and revisit any session multiple times to implement new discoveries. 


As such, the online course is a great option for those who are unsure about joining a group program, or who would like more flexibility to ensure they are in the right mindset to gain the most out of the program. 


Our 1-1 coaching is designed to accessible to anyone, regardless of background or diagnosis. All of our coaches are trained in Neurolinguistic Programming, giving them the tools to help facilitate change in anyone who wants to engage in it. 

We can offer 1-1 coaching for young people funded through Education Health Care Plans. 



We have previously delivered our 12 Step Anxiety Program online on a 1-1 basis to young people, funded through Education Health Care Plans. The program can be fully adapted for neurodiversity and our coaches are Autism, Attachment and Trauma aware.


We can offer 1-1 coaching for young people privately funded or funded through EHCPs and adapted to meet requirements.​

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